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How the Insanity Started:


Simply put, these pecans are a result of a Los Angeles girl meeting an Alabama man!  Undeniably different cultures came together in the form of my pecans when I started traveling with my husband to Selma to visit his mother about 10 years ago.  


True to the south, she would often make Pecan Pie for him.  That experience, combined with sampling many pecans along the way at various shops, grew into a love of my own for these little crunchy treats.


The pecans were always delicious, but I like more savory type of foods. Additionally, this Alabama boy had turned me on to popcorn and chocolate at the movie theater.  In a moment of serendipity, I decided that I would try my hand at making Pecans with a little something 'extra.' 


Cooking is a true passion in my life. I have found that when you put your love into food, it always tastes better.  This sweet and salty treat is not only a result of my love for cooking, but a mish mash of the unexpected, such as a Los Angeles girl and an Alabama man!


My original blend of spices are sugar, salt, pepper and paprika. They are gluten free and Dairy free... Enjoy!

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